Beckenham Photographic Society News

Members' Recent Successes (May 2015)

Congratulations to Angela Ford ARPS EFIAP who was awarded a Ribbon for 'Innervision' at the RPS Creative Group's PDI Exhibition. Details here.

Congratulations also to Cathy Roberts FRPS EFIAP/b DPAGB BPE2* for her acceptance at this year's London Salon for 'Two Benches in the Snow'. Also, congratulations to Roger Ford FRPS EFIAP/b for his accepted images 'Watchers' (image is in 'Local Exhibition Acceptances' article below) and 'Thoughts of Men'. See here for details.

InnervisionTwo Benches in the SnowThoughts of Men

(May 2015)

FSLPS Finals' Day 2015

The Federation of South London Photographic Societies' annual Finals' Day was held at St. Johns on 18th April and there were some excellent images on display, both in the exhibition as well as receiving commentary from the judges.

BPS were in the inter-club colour print final against Cheam CC. We won by 65 points to 62, although our two best images, '"Blooms in Red" by Nenne van Dijk FRPS DPAGB and "Graffiti Bench in the Snow" by Cathy Roberts FRPS EFIAP/b DPAGB BPE2*, only managed to score 9.5 each.

These two photographers also made their mark in the open competitions. Nenne won the Punch Bowl for the best colour print "Cascade Blooms" and Cathy won Jack's Jug for the best Projected Digital Image "Study 2". The images are shown here.

Cascade BloomsStudy 2

Polina Plotnikova ARPS was given a Highly Commended award in the open monochrome print competition for her image "Ray" shown below.


Images that were awarded a certificate in the earlier rounds of the inter-club competitions were also competing for awards. Cathy Roberts' image "Pale Trees in the Mist" and Steve Wilbur's "Misty Morning, Tuscany" received judges comments in the Monochrome prints and PDI categories respectively.

The following images received judges comments in the open competitions:

"Tulip in Black" Nenne van Dijk FRPS DPAGB Monochrome prints
"Tracery" Polina Plotnikova ARPS Monochrome prints
"Shadow" Cathy Roberts FRPS EFIAP/b DPAGB BPE2 Monochrome prints
"Tower Bridge" Philip Pound Monochrome prints
"Sandhill Cranes Squabbling" Steve Wilbur Colour prints
"Praying Mantis" Philip Pound Colour prints
"Circling" Cathy Roberts FRPS EFIAP/b DPAGB BPE2 PDI
"It's Amazing what you stumble upon, on a Friday night in London" Andrew Moss PDI
"Three Shires Head" Ross Farnham PDI

(Apr 2015)

Friendly Inter-Club Competitions

We have recently been in two 'friendly' inter-club competitions. The first was our regular Chislehurst Cup one against Greenwood Camera Club, held at Greenwood. We won by 182.5 points to their 167. The top scoring images and the full results are here.

A week later we hosted the Larter Cup, another annual battle, against West Wickham PS and Bromley CC. We won the mono prints comfortably, but came last in the PDI competition, although we did win overall with 106 points to West Wickham's 103.5 and Bromley's 98. Full results are here.(Apr 2015)

Local Exhibition Acceptances

The image 'Watchers' by Roger Ford FRPS EFIAP/b has been accepted in the competition on the theme of "Crowds". Ravi Goel LRPS also has his image of 'Rush Hour' accepted. Both will be on display at the Greenwich Gallery, Peyton Place, SE10 8RS from 20th March to 4th April (Mar 2015)
 Duty WatchRush Hour

Medal Winner

Angela Ford ARPS EFIAP has been awarded a FIAF/ISF Bronze Medal in the 8th Marzo Fotografia FIAP Salon in Italy with her image 'Duty Watch' (below) which you may remember from her My London panel.. See here for more details - Angela's image is about half way down the page. (Feb 2015)
 Duty Watch

BPS Members in the News - January

Fred Barrington ARPS has been chosen as the winner of the Landscape category for this year’s ‘Travel Photo of the Year’ competition, held by the Independent on Sunday  in association with the Wanderlust magazine. The image was of 'Penguins in the South Shetlands (Baily Head, Deception Island, Antarctica). See here for more details and below for the photograph and that of the award presentation.

Polina Plotnikova ARPS contributed to an article 'Still Life at Home' in issue 52 of Advanced Photography magazine. The full article is here.

Andrew Moss's image 'Streeet light!' has been shortlisted in the Nikon monthly competition on the theme of 'Action'. See the image and vote for it here. You might even win a camera! (Jan 2015).

Penguins in the Soth Shetlands

December Salon News

Cathy Roberts FRPS EFIAP/b DPAGB BPE2* had 6 acceptances out of 8 print entries in the Smethwick International Exhibition. 'Two Benches in the Snow' was awarded an SPS Medal and 'Shadow' (below) was Highly Commended. Both were in the monochrome print class. Results are here. (Dec 2014).


RPS Biennial Acceptance

Congratulations to Roger Ford FRPS EFIAP/b and Caroline Fraser ARPS who have had prints accepted for the Royal Photographic Society's Biennial Exhibition. Roger's print was 'Going Underground' (see below) and Caroline's was 'Girl with Teacups' (also below). There were around 3,200 prints received for this exhibition, with only 100 being selected - 2 of them from BPS.

The exhibition will be touring the country in 2015. The accepted images can be seen on the RPS web site here. (Nov 2014).

Going UndergroundGirl with Teacups

Profile of a Photographer

Elle-Decoration, a Russian interiors magazine, has just published a profile of Polina Plotnikova ARPS. The article is in Russian, but the Google translation is useful. Take a look here.

Polina's feature on the new Lensbaby Sweet 50 Optic has been published on the Lensbaby blog here. A sample image is below.(Oct 2014).

Latest Salon News

Polina Plotnikova ARPS has 11 acceptances (wow!) and a PSA Honourable mention for 'Tracery' (on front of BPS programme) in the 6th Finland International Circuit. Results are here.

She also got a FIAP Honorable Mention for 'Aquilegia', an APS Hon. Mention for 'Together' (below) and a Bronze medal for 'Vegetables and Butterflies' (see Feb posting below) in the Queensland International Digital Circuit. Colour results here and mono results here.


Cathy Roberts FRPS EFIAP/b DPAGB BPE2* had 6 acceptances out of 8 print entries in the Northern Counties Salon, 'Trees and Fence in the Snow' was awarded the Gold Medal for best mono landscape print and 'Lone Tree on the Hill' was Awarded Silver Medal for best colour landscape print. Results are here.

Cathy also got a FIAP Blue Badge (best author, most acceptances or highest honours) and a Gold Medal in the Slovenian Miniatures Salon, and has been invited there to collect it. She also had 10 acceptances including 2 ribbons at the Tallaght Salon.

(Oct 2014)

Lone Tree on the HillTrees & Fence in the Snow

New Lensbaby

Lensbaby has just launched a new optic - the Sweet 50. Polina Plotnikova was one of the photographers commissioned to take sample images. You can find her images with those of other top photographers here and here.

Polina says "I absolutely loved the experience despite my conviction that I would never like to follow instructions what to shoot. I was sent this optic from Lensbaby headquarters in Oregon with guidelines to take pictures in my usual style – still life. Surprisingly they also wanted me to shoot some portraits. I produced about a dozen images for them in two weeks and they made a final selection choosing four shots (three still life and one portrait) that are now part of new optic advertising campaign." (Sept 2014)

More Honours

Congratulations to Cathy Roberts FRPS EFIAP/b DPAGB BPE2* who has just reached the EFIAP bronze level (EFIAP/b). The bronze, silver, gold and platinum levels require additional successes in international salons over and above the EFIAP distinction itself. For the bronze level a further 75 acceptances are required with at least 25 different works, including 3 awards in at least 3 countries. Wow!
(May 2014)

Salon Acceptances

Congratulations to Cathy Roberts FRPS EFIAP DPAGB BPE2* for gaining 4 acceptances in the 91st Scottish International Salon of Photography 2014 including an Honourable Mention for 'Graffiti Bench in the Snow' (below). Full results and the catalogue should be here, although at the time of writing only the 2013 catalogue was there.

Cathy has also had two acceptances for the London Salon: 'Pale Trees in the Mist' and 'Solitary Tree'. The Salon Exhibition is on at the Fairfield Halls from May 25th - June 5th 2014.

(May 2014)

Graffiti Bench in the Snow

FSLPS Finals' Day

Finals' Day of the Federation of South London Photographic Societies was held on 26th April 2014 at St. John's Church Halls with an audience of about 80 people. Although we did win the Colour Print Plate competition held in February, we were not finalists in the inter-club competitions this year.

Individual successes at Finals' Day were as follows.

Of the images that received Certificates earlier in the season, Polina Plotnikova ARPS's 'Siblings' and 'Still Life with Yellow Objects' and Nick Duncan ARPS's 'Ella in Blue' received Judge's Comments.

In the Punch Bowl Open Colour Print competition, Cathy Roberts FRPS EFIAP DPAGB BPE2*'s ' 'Solitary Tree' was Highly Commended. Polina's 'Vegetables and Butterflies', Cathy's 'Curtsy' and Steve Wilbur's 'Cranes at Sunset' all received Judge's Comments.

In the Retina Cup Open Monochrome Print competition Cathy's 'To Hold' was Highly Commended. Simon Simpson's 'Seething Clouds over Sakar Tepe' and Polina's 'Together' received Judge's Comments.

Finally, in the Jack's Jug Open PDI competition four images received Judge's Comments. These were: 'Common Blue Damselfly' by Sandy White DPAGB, 'Deep in Thoughts' and 'Figs and Old Bottle' by Polina, and 'Lone Tree in the Snow' by Sylvia Wilbur.

The images will be on the FSLPS web site in the near future.

(Apr 2014)

International Garden Photographer of the Year Commendations

Congratulations to Polina Plotnikova ARPS and Cathy Roberts FRPS EFIAP DPAGB BPE2* who both had successes in the monochrome section of the IGPOTY competition. Polina's 'Tracery' (below) and Cathy's 'Pale Trees in the Mist' (see Smethwick Salon report below for image) both received Highly Commended awards. The IGPOTY web page is here. (Apr 2014)

Featured in Observer Magazine

Congratulations to Fred Barrington ARPS who was runner-up in the Dulux Let's Colour 2014 competition run in conjunction with the Guardian Camera Club and the Observer. Fred's image of 'Coloured Balconies' also appeared in the Observer Magazine on 30th March. A Guardian Camera Club article is here. (Apr 2014)

Coloured Balconies

Southampton Exhibition Success

Congratulations to Cathy Roberts who has been at it again. In the prestigious Southampton International Exhibition she gained 6 acceptances for her images. 'Pale Trees in the Mist' (image below) was also awarded a PSA* Silver Medal and 'Dancer with Veil', 'Solitary Tree' (image below) and 'Weak Winter Sun' were awarded SCC certificates. For full results see here.
* Photographic Society of America
(Mar 2014)

RPS Visual Art Magazine Feature

The Royal Photographic Society's Visual Art Group's Magazine (2013 Issue 2) contains an article by Cathy Roberts entitled 'Impressions and the Imagination' which shows some stunning examples of her varied work including flowers, snowscapes and, of course, dancers. The article is reproduced here and more of Cathy's work can be seen on the Mirage Group's web site. (Feb 2014)

Exhibition Successes

Both Polina Plotnikova and Cathy Roberts had successes in the 7th International Garden Photographer of the Year Exhibition which is on display at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew from 15th April to 30th March 2014. Cathy's 'Dandelion 2' was one of the Finalists in the Monochrome category and Polina's 'Pomegranates' was Highly Commended in the Bountiful Earth category.
Dandelion 2
Polina has also been successful in the 3rd Port Talbot International Salon this time winning the UPI Ribbon for 'Vegetables and Butterflies' and a Judge's Certificate for 'Together' (Feb 2014)
Vegetables and Butterflies

RPS Licentiate Panel Member Appointed

The Royal Photographic Society has recently appointed Cathy Roberts as a member of their Licentiate Distinctions Panel. If you are thinking of trying for an RPS (or PAGB) distinction I'm sure Cathy would be willing to talk to you about the process. (Dec 2013)

Cork International Salon

Congratulations to Cathy Roberts FRPS DPAGB EFIAP BPE2* who continues her train of salon successes by winning the top award in the Landscape section at the 1st Cork International Salon of Photography. The award was the FIAP Gold Medal for 'Solitary Tree' and three other imges by Cathy were accepted (see here). (Dec 2013)

Solitary Tree

WEX B&W Success

Congratulations to Kevin Ireland who won a voucher for £100 for his image of 'Two Horses' in the monthly WEX B&W photo competition. It looks as though this external competition bug is gaining hold! (Dec 2013)

Two Horses

Smethwick International Salon Success

Congratulations to Cathy Roberts FRPS DPAGB EFIAP BPE2* for her success in the annual Smethwick International Salon. This is one of the best UK international photographic exhibitions where the competition for acceptances and awards is extreemely fierce. Cathy had 7 acceptances out of 14 she submitted (2 colour PDIs, 2 Mono PDIs and 3 mono prints). No mean feat in itself, but she was also awarded the prestigious FIAP Silver Medal for her print of 'Pale Trees in the Mist'. The full list of awards and acceptances is here. (November 2013)

Image is copyright Cathy Roberts FRPS DPAGB EFIAP BPE2*

Pale Trees in the Mist

Horseshoes and Pomegranates

Congratulations to Polina Plotnikova ARPS for winning the top award at the Belgrade Photo Autumn 2013 International Salon for 'Pomegranates' (below). She was awarded the very prestigious FIAP Medal. See here for award winning images. Polina also had her image of 'Horseshoe Bend' accepted at the Wild 2013 International Salon hosted by the Academy of Photography Bulgaria. (November 2013)

Image is copyright Polina Plotnikova ARPS

'Pomegranates' by Polina Plotnikova

'Winter' Selected for RPS Tyng Collection

Cathy Roberts' FRPS DPAGB EFIAP BPE2* image called 'Winter' has received international recognition by being selected for the RPS Permanent Tyng Collection at the National Media Museum in Bradford. Congratulations, Cathy, it is a really striking image. The Tyng Collection is "a collection of outstanding pictorial photography started in 1927 by an American philanthropist and a Society member, Stephen H. Tyng.  He established a foundation to promote and recognise photographic work of outstanding pictorial merit.". (November 2013)

Image is copyright Cathy Roberts FRPS DPAGB EFIAP BPE2*

'Winter' by Cathy Roberts

Swansea Digital Salon Successes

A number of members of BPS have had acceptances in the Swansea International Digital Salon. Congratulations to them all. They are 4 acceptances for Fred Barrington ARPS, 4 acceptances and an Honorable Mention for Polina Plotnikova ARPS, 2 acceptances for Paul Griffiths, his first salon entry, and 4 acceptances for Cathy Roberts FRPS DPAGB EFIAP BPE2*. The results don't appear to be on the web yet. (November 2013)

RHS Shades of Autumn Award

Congratulations to Polina Plotnikova ARPS who, has again received a Silver-Gilt medal from the Royal Horticultural Society at their Shades of Autumn show. This is Polina's fourth Silver-Gilt award in succession. Full results (without images) are here.(October 2013)

New BPS Exhibition Display Boards

Over the years our exhibition display boards have suffered wear and tear. Some repairs to them were done in the summer of 2012. Subsequently, the Committee decided to replace the boards this past summer and the new boards have now been delivered. Their first full use was recently when Selsdon CC hired them for their exhibition. They look very smart, are much lighter than the old boards and are relatively easy to put up (see picture). The old boards were donated to Ripley Arts Centre. (October 2013)

BPS new display boards

BIG Summer Outings

During the summer the BPS Better Images Group had three summer outings. Cathy Myers organised a workshop with Robert Canis in May to a delightful woodland on Hucking Estate in Kent. It was full of bluebells and 7 BPS members had good tuition from Robert and an interesting time trying out some new techniques. Following on from the successful City of London walk that John Wilcox organised last year, another walk around the City with guide John Halligan took place in June. About 10 BPS members took in some great views including a panoramic view of London and a visit to the Guildhall. The final outing was organised by David Rees and guide Kate took us from Tower Hill through St. Katherine's docks to Wapping. For some of us this was a very much unknown area of London which Kate brought to life with her excellent commentary. Some photos of the trips are here. (Sept 2013)

LRPS Distinction

Congratulations to Julia Andrew who was recently awarded her LRPS disinction. (July 2013)

St John's Developments

St John's Church is planning to rebuild and extend the prefabs including the room we use for Beckenham Photographic Society meetings. However, it appears that the development will not now begin until the summer of 2014 at the earliest. (July 2013)

Midland Salon Successes

Nick Duncan ARPS has had his colour PDI image of 'Battling the Elements' accepted in the prestigious Midland Salon. Cathy Roberts FRPS EFIAP DPAGB BPE2* had her colour PDI image of 'London Bus', her monochrome prints 'Winter' and 'Three Trees' and her colour prints of 'Harmony', 'Roses' and 'Dance Duality 2' accepted. 'Three Trees' was also awarded a FIAP Ribbon. Some of the winning images will shortly be posted here. (July 2013)


Cathy Roberts FRPS EFIAP DPAGB BPE2* has recently been invited to join the Arena group of photographers. This is a group of some of the best photographers in southern England. Congratulations, Cathy. (July 2013)

FSLPS Finals Day 2013 Successes

Having reached the semi-finals in all of the three inter-club competition disciplines (colour print, monochrome print and projected digital images) we went on to win the Inter-Club Colour Print Final at Finals' Day on 20th April. This was against Old Coulsdon CC where we won by 71 points to 61. Sandy White LRPS DPAGB, Cathy Roberts FRPS DPAGB EFIAP BPE2*, David Rees and Nenne van Dijk FRPS DPAGB all scored 10s for their images. Full results are here.

In the Open Colour Print competition Cathy Roberts won the Punch Bowl for her image of 'Wraith'. Sandy White and Polina Plotnikova ARPS were awarded Certificates for '6-Spot Burnett Moth Mating' and 'Swans' respectively. Ross Farnham received Judge's Comments for 'Eastbourne Pier' and 'St Monans Harbour Wall'. Polina Plotnikova also received Judge's Comments for 'In a Manner of Painting'.

In the Retina Cup for Open Monochrome Prints Cathy Roberts was awarded a Certificate for 'Winter' and Brian Hunt received Judge's Comments for 'Lengthening Shadows' and 'Fashion Statement.

Other images that received Judge's Comments were:
Open PDI: 'Cabbages' by Ross Farnham and 'Ego' by Nenne van Dijk;
Certificated Mono Prints: 'Past Perfect Pleione' by Polina Plotnikova;
Certificated Colour Prints: 'Flower Bud' by Nenne van Dijk and 'Poise' by Cathy Roberts.

A very impressive showing by Beckenham Photographic Society! (April 2013)

World Photography Organisation Finalist - Vote Now!

Nick Duncan ARPS's image that won the Landscape Cup at our recent annual exhibition has reached the last 15 in the My UK competition. The eventual winner is decided by the public voting on the web site. Take a look at the images here and vote by 'liking' it (thumbs up icon). (March 2013)

Gold Medal

Cathy Roberts FRPS DPAGB EFIAP BPE2* has been awarded a Gold Medal at the 2013 Southampton International Exhibition for the most creative monochrome print for 'Winter'. (March 2013)

IGPOTY Successes

Polina Plotnikova ARPS and Cathy Roberts FRPS DPAGB EFIAP BPE2* have both had successes in the International Garden Photographer of the Year competition. Polina was one of the two finalists in the Portfolio category for 'Past Perfect - The Beauty of Plants' (see here) and achieved third place in the Monochrome category for 'Chrysanthemum Explosion' (see here). Cathy got a Special Award for 'Dying Rose' in the New Shoots category (see here). They will be on display at Tate Modern (Bankside) during the second week in July. (March 2013)

Exhibition Successes

Three members of the club have recently had successes with their images. Julia Andrew has had her image of the Shard used by by a film company on its web site - see here. Polina Plotnikova ARPS has won the Silver-Gilt medal for the Royal Horticultural Society Shades of Autumn Show for the third year running for her panel "Narcissism at its Best" - see here. Cathy Roberts FRPS EFIAP DPAGB BPE2* image Winter has been Commended in the Landscape Photographer of the Year exhibition which runs from 12th November to 12th January at the National Theatre on the South Bank. (October 2012)

KCPA Ross Cup 2012

Thirty one Kent clubs participated in this inter-club print competition. BPS came 8th equal with 133 marks. Eastbourne PS came first with 147 marks. (October 2012)

ARPS Distinction

Congratulations to Polina Plotnikova who has recently been awarded an Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society (ARPS) with a beautiful panel of 15 still life images. View panel. Congratulations, Polina.(October 2012)

ARPS Distinction

Congratulations to Fred Barrington who has recently been awarded an Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society (ARPS). As we know, Fred's images are very distinctive and one of the assessors' comments was 'a stunning panel of pictures of nothing'. View panel. Well done, Fred.(July 2012)

EFIAP Distinction

Cathy Roberts has now been awarded an EFIAP changing her list of distinctions to FRPS EFIAP DPAGB BPE2*. Congratulations Cathy. The distinction is awarded by the International Federation of Photographic Art and the EFIAP (for Excellence) was awarded after gaining 150 acceptances in at least 30 different FIAP sponsored international salons with at least 50 different photographs. No mean feat! (June 2012)

The Royal Photographic Society and London Salon Successes

Congratulations to Cathy Roberts FRPS AFIAP DPAGB BPE2* whose prints of 'Waiting in the Wings' and 'Tree Shadow' were accepted in The RPS' 155th Print Exhibition. The exhibition will be on tour from July 2012. Further details are here. The same two images have also been accepted by the London Salon. They will be on display at the Fairfield Halls in the summer. See the web site for details. (May 2012)

FSLPS Finals' Day 2012 Successes

We had a number of successes at the Federation of South London Photographic Societies Finals' Day in April. BPS beat Cheam Camera Club by 70.5 to 65 marks to retain the Holroyd Trophy as winners of the Inter-Club Monochrome Print final. Sadly we were narrowly beaten by Selsdon Camera Club (69.5 to 67) in the Colour Print final.

Cathy Roberts FRPS DPAGB EFIAP BPE2* won the Punch Bowl for best Open Colour Print with 'Dance Duality'. Polina Plotnikova was awarded a Certificate for 'Melancholic Still Life'.

Brian Hunt won the Retina Cup for best Open Monochrome Print with Barb Jungr in Concert. Cathy Roberts was awarded a certificate for 'Waiting in the Wings'.

In the Jack's Jug Competition for Open PDIs Steve Wilbur was awarded a Certificate for 'Fountain Geyser' and Cathy Roberts was awarded one for 'Alienation'.

This is the third year in succession where we have won the Holroyd Trophy and a member has won the Retina Cup, and the second in succession where a member has won the Punch Bowl. Congratulations to everyone who won awards and to all those whose images were seen.

(The images will be on the FSLPS Web Site soon.) (April 2012)

Garden Photographer Finalist

Congratulations to Polina Plotnikova for reaching the finals of the Beauty of Plants category of the International Garden Photographer of the Year 2012 with her image 'Poppy Flower'. In the recently announced Monochrome section Polina was awarded Third Place for her 'Chrysanthemum Explosion' and 'Neighbourhood Watch' was also one of the finalists. (Updated April 2012)

KCPA Annual Print Exhibition 2012

Congratulations to Cathy Roberts FRPS AFIAP DPAGB BPE2* for winning the PAGB Gold Medal for Portraiture for her print 'Pirouette' and to Steve Wilbur and Cathy Roberts for their Highly Commended awards for 'Sunrise over Madison River, Yellowstone' and 'Pale Dancers' respectively. Fourteen other images from ten BPS members will also be displayed. Further details are here. (February 2012)

Silver Medal

Congratulations to Cathy Roberts FRPS AFIAP DPAGB BPE2* who has been awarded a Silver Medal for her landscape 'Tree Shadow' in the Slovenian Salon of Digital Photography 'Exposed'. (January 2012)

Roy King FRPS (-2011)

Sadly, Roy King FRPS died recently after a long illness. He was a member and President of Carshalton Camera Club and the Mirage Group and will be remembered by many BPS members for his visits to judge our competitions and show his distinctive urban observational images. (December 2011)

Leader of the Dance

One of Cathy Roberts FRPS DPAGB BPE2* AFIAP 's dance images was recently awarded a Silver Medal in the Argentina International Virtual Salon 'Mother Earth-Dance' organised by Buenos Aires Photo Club, and others got a FIAP ribbon and two judges' awards. Quite an achievement! Congratulations Cathy. (There does not appear to be an exhibition web site.) (November 2011)

More RHS Good News

In the Royal Horticultural Society's Photographic Competition 2011 Caroline Fraser ARPS was awarded Highly Commended in the Abstract and Details category and Polina Plotnikova was awarded Third Place in the Plant Portraits category. Congratulations to you both. See here for the images. (November 2011)

KCPA Ross Cup 2011

Thirty three Kent clubs participated in this inter-club print competition. Congratulations to Nenne van Dijk FRPS DPAGB who gained a merit award for her print 'Forlorn No. 2'. BPS came 4th just two points behind the winners, Tonbridge Camera Club. Marks for our panel's images can be found here. (October 2011)

Royal Horticultural Society Award

Congratulations to Polina Plotnikova who was awarded a Silver-Gilt Medal at this year's RHS London Autumn Harvest Show. Images from her panel can be seen here. (October 2011)

In the News

The Chislehurst News blog recently featured the project work that Caroline Fraser ARPS did for her PG Cert on 'Capturing Order and Chaos in the Suburbs'. (August 2011)


During the 2010-11 season a number of members obtained distinctions and other awards. Congratulations to Caroline Fraser who gained her ARPS (view panel) and also a PG Cert in Photography at Central St Martins, Robert Smith and Ravi Goel who gained their LRPS and Cathy Roberts who added to her distinctions with AFIAP and BPE2*. (August 2011)

FSLPS Finals' Day 2011 Successes

Beckenham Photographic Society had a number of successes at the Federation of South London Photographic Societies Finals' Day in April. BPS beat Selsdon Camera Club by 72.5 to 70 marks to win the Holroyd Trophy in the Inter-Club Monochrome Print final. Sandy White LRPS DPAGB won the Punch Bowl for best Open Colour Print with 'Merlin'. Cathy Roberts FRPS won the Retina Cup for best Monochrome Print in the open category with 'Dancer'. (See images at FSLPS Web Site) (April 2011)

Sad News

We were saddened to hear of the sudden death of John Mason in April. John was a long-time member of BPS and contributed greatly to the Society. He was Competition Secretary for a number of years and will also be remembered for his unique "freezer" pictures and his local landscape images. (April 2011)

RPS Fenton Medal

David J. Wood ARPS, DPAGB was awarded a Fenton Medal and Honorary Life Membership for his outstanding contribution to the work of the The Royal Photographic Society. (Sept 2010)

MSc Award

Congratulations to Steve Wilbur who was awarded an MSc (with distinction) in Digital Colour Imaging from the University of the Arts. (May 2010)

FSLPS Finals' Day 2010 Successes

Beckenham Photographic Society had a number of successes at the Federation of South London Photographic Societies Finals' Day in April. BPS narrowly beat Bromley Camera Club by 71.5 to 71 marks to win the Holroyd Trophy in the Inter-Club Monochrome Print final. Martin Jordan ARPS Won the Edwin Appleton Rose Bowl for best Certificated Projected Digital image. Cathy Roberts FRPS won the Retina Cup for best Monochrome Print in the open category and Sylvia Wilbur won Jack's Jug for the best Projected Digital Image in the open category. (April 2010)


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