BPS Annual Exhibition 2012-13

This season's exhibition will take place from 21st to 23rd February 2013, at the Beckenham Public Hall. Trophies and certificates will be presented by the exhibition judge Paul Foley FRPS MPAGB EFIAP at the opening meeting on the Wednesday evening.

Entry Guidelines

BPS members may each enter a maximum of three prints and two projected digital images.

Projected Digital Images (PDIs)

Members are invited to enter up to two projected digital images formatted as for club competitions (see here). A trophy will be awarded to the best PDI selected by the judge, with certificates to runners-up.

During exhibition opening hours, PDIs will be displayed continuously on a digital photoframe in the same area as the prints.


Each BPS member may enter up to three prints. Each print must be labeled with the title and member's name, using blank labels provided with the exhibition entry form.

All print entries must mounted, as for competitions. We aim to make the exhibition look as attractive and well-presented as possible, and it helps if the mounting of prints is reasonably consistent. For this reason members are strongly encouraged to use mounts 50 cm x 40 cm, although smaller mounts will be accepted. Also, if you are willing to use Antique White mounting board (available from BPS Wideangle Market) this also helps the overall appearance of the exhibition.

As prints have to be handled several times during preparations for the exhibition, and then displayed using Velcro coins, care should be taken in mounting prints securely. Please use proper mounting tape, not masking tape. To protect against possible damage to mounts from the Velcro, you are advised to stick a 5cm strip of wide Sellotape at each corner. The Velcro will be placed on the Sellotape, enabling speedy removal without damage.


The closing date for all exhibition entries (prints and PDIs) is Wednesday 19th December, to allow sufficient time for entries to be entered in a database, judged, the exhibition catalogue to be produced, and for other tasks to be completed. The entry form is available here. Labels for prints can be collected on club evenings from David Rees or Sylvia Wilbur.